Sunny Glade invites you to vacation close to nature... Tuchola Woods it is an oasis of peace and quiet ... a perfect place for creative work Many activities for children and young people We offer different types of accommodation Located on the shores of 2 lakes: Radodzierz and Udzierz The resort offers for its guests 25 holiday chalets

Dear Guest

Welcome to Bory Tucholskie (Tuchola Woods), a unique nature retreat cradled in the unspoiled Nature Reserve on the shores of Radodzierz and Udzierz lakes.

Your holidays can be as relaxing or as exciting as you like. The choice is yours.

Słoneczna Polana - Sunny Glade holiday camp is located on the shores of Lake Radodzierz (246 ha), a great place, especially if you plan on doing a lot of fishing. Lake is famous in Poland for its clean water and therefore populated with several different fish species: eel, mackerel, tench, lavaret, whitefish, perch, roach and even two kinds of crayfish.

Nature lovers can find here rare species of animals such as bitterlings, cranes, gray herons, otters or eagles.

The reserve consists mainly of mixed deciduous-coniferous forests rich in berries and mushrooms, full of animals and local birds.

It is also a great place for a creative work due to its peaceful atmosphere.


Our resort is an excellent base for other places to visit:

Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot), Malbork, Kwidzyń, Gniew, Kościerzyn Nowy, Świecie, Chełmno, Grudziądz

Słoneczna Polana - Sunny Glade is enhanced with a range of amenities and service offerings designed to make your vacation as relaxing and care-free as possible. There are 25 holidays chalets (each designed for 3 up to 8 guests), a shop, a bar, football, volleyball, basketball and beach volleyball court, rental place for water equipment and a car park. No boarding is provided.

The food is available at the shop or a bar where you can also get fresh bread and various types of cakes every day. 

You are welcome to such events as:

- international integral green schools and youth group visits, 
- school and youth group visits,
- green school,
- a day stay with a leisure program,
- camping,
- sport camps,
- school trips,
- family holidays,
- occasional  events,
- mushroom picking and angling,
- sport tournaments,
- the open air events.